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71 Machster

1971 Machster


1971 Machster Tribute

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Think of this car of being when a 71 Mach 1 meets 2006 Ford Shelby GT. The mission is to install 2006 Shelby Gt drive-train into original mach 1 body: started with Schwartz aftermarket road race chassis to stiffen the convertible mach 1 body, upgraded to Shelby GT engine with supercharger, removed original Shelby GT dash and instruments and installed into Mach, added custom radiators and inter-coolers, paint in brilliant red and white,  custom artwork in engine bay, custom built aluminum wheels (18x13 in back wheels) (18x10 in front wheels), hand built front spoiler and grill, custom built headers and exhaust, and added custom built bar for convertible top