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52 MGTD Clone Miata Conv

1952 MGTD Clone Miata Coversion

A 70/80’s Kit Car, Factory Built.  It came with a Chevette 4 cylinder and a 3 speed. It had been repaired several times and Dr. Keith is still having to ride back with Tow Truck.  He was fed up with that, he wanted something dependable.  After a few discussions we narrowed in on a Mazda Miata 1.8L, dual overhead cam, 5 speed.  We engineered it all to fit, including an intake designed to fit the engine compartment of a 52 MGTD, it narrows rapidly.  The intake required using parts from the Miata, a Hyundai, and Honda  intakes, tigged together and metal worked the connections and of course a fuel injection throttle body from a Hyundai.  Had it all tuned by our Tunner Tommy, what a great guy.  The kit car body was designed for 40-50 MPH, so the body was pop riveted every 6” with ⅛” pop rivets.  Doubling the HP and a 5 speed it is capable of running at the speed limits, and the body may flap apart, so we engineered a panel connection system that the body parts will be secure at 70MPH.  This is all part of our efforts to provide a quality car that is designed to travel and stop at speed.