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Field of Dreams

What is the “Field of Dreams” you ask? It is land entirely filled with old cars. Hot-rods, classics, and maybe even a few bikes. It’s time to make the dream of restoration come true. Here you can buy an old car and restore it yourself, or restore it here with us.



1949 Caddillac 4 Door HardTop

Fully Loaded. This one is a runner. Has rust but in overall decent shape. Does not steer. No physical title.



51 Lincoln Lido

Has rust but in overall decent shape. No physical title.


$900 OBO

67 Ford Pick Up Truck 352.

No rear end. No title.



66 Buick/66 Olds Delta 88 4 Door Hardtop

Burned out rusted. Good bones

Bare bones. No title.



1967 Mercury Cougar Body/chassis. Great for parts car

No rear axle. What you see is what you get. No physical title.